Life Is A Headgame

The world has gone nuclear with the delivery of information.

Never before was it so important to regulate our own minds. Mis information is in abundance, political influence is an epidemic, hearsay is a deadly swamp of misdirection.

The importance of having a thinking system has never been so crucial to self authentication. The internet, the media, governments and  advertisers all wish to hijack our minds and use them as vehicles of delivery. Many people oblige blindly and pass on apparent fact without ever respecting the very basics of quality control. Rarely does anything get properly checked before being passed. Bias agendas and manipulative aims govern the day.   People are full of shit. Pure and simple.

This song is designed to inform you about how to maintain reliable, truthful and protected thought.



Life is a head game

As we travel through the passage of time, there are certain questions that will enter

our mind

Questions of life, questions of faith, questions of truth of personal shame,

Life is a head game, life is a head game, Life is a head game

As we race through this human disgrace, there are certain expressions you will form

on your face

Expressions of hate, expressions of love, Expressions of pain for the difficult stuff

Life is a head game, Life is a head game, Life is a head game, thinking is the enemy

Life is a head game; life is a head game life is a head game thinking is the enemy

As were growing head bombs are blowing, people reacting with words exploding

Controlling actions put you in traction, the more your thinking the more you’re


OH oooo OH ooooo OH oooo Oh Oh ETC…

Your pressing x when r2 is best, you keep attacking when you’re in defence

Master your mind, keep it onside, Master truth to optimise life

Recognise when your dropping too deep, the current pulls you in from beneath

Stay in the shallow end, stay in the shallow end stay in the shallow end…..

Life is a head game

The less I think about the more I work it out, information is incarceration,

My five senses are my defences, I only trust it if I can touch it,

An open mind is a flowing mind, I am careful how I’m growing mine,

I know when to close the door

Information is the third world war

Life is a head game …. Life is a head game ….

Life is a head game …. Life is a head game ….

Thinking is the enemy

OH oooo OH ooooo OH oooo Oh Oh ETC…

Life is a head game …. Life is a h

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