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Meaningful Lyrics Born From Experience

Basil Simon has spent a lifetime making sense of his human state. Challenged by an unusual amount of personal trauma he was determined to survive, determined to take whatever positive direction he could. His challenges included:

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Basil realised something very important…… 

We gain wisdom from trauma

How we deal with the challenges life throws at us is what ends up defining us. Many people never discover this. The one thing that can save our sanity in the face of adversity is the determination to make sense of it all. The best way to make sense of anything is to realise what positives we gained, Not dwell on the negatives; what we lost.

There is a flip side to every bad experience.

The flip side is wisdom. When making sense of events, we acquire knowledge. Great knowledge!

The list goes on.

The tree of trauma bears a delicious fruit of wisdom.

On this page you will discover song lyrics written by Basil Simon that were born from true enlightenment. The one thing that drives Basil Simon is the hope that his experience might help others. He chooses song writing as one important way to do exactly that!

Enjoy the site and please do comment when you are inspired by anything you find!