Author: BasilSimonMLC

Basil Simon Musical life coach is a celebrated composer / producer / singer songwriter based in the UK.

Something So Bad

 Featuring Paul Black From The Flip Kings On Blues Guitar   Originally Written for a HBO affiliate production company for a new TV series that never got off the ground, this gritty Blues rock feast tells the story of life consequences when we choose the wrong path. The message in this song is be careful […]

Ray Of Hope

There are some really special people in this world. This song is about just one of them. The person in question is an amazing individual who makes himself available at all times to those people around him battling addictions. I was approached by a family member who described the persons attitude and proactive approach toward […]

Life Is A Headgame

The world has gone nuclear with the delivery of information. Never before was it so important to regulate our own minds. Mis information is in abundance, political influence is an epidemic, hearsay is a deadly swamp of misdirection. The importance of having a thinking system has never been so crucial to self authentication. The internet, […]

Boom Boom

Boom Boom A dark emotional song written and produced by Basil Simon that deals with the effects of unrequited love. “Boom Boom” Is a poignant metaphor used to describe the horrible feeling experienced when your crush or someone you secretly love cannot see your commitment and tramples on your feelings with reckless words. This is […]